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AISD, Inc. we provide design services in Digital and Analog Signal Processing for communications and audio applications.  We have a strong telephony and wireless modem background in both PHY and MAC layers.  We also develop audio processing products. Click below to learn more.

DSP and Systems Firmware Development
• Telephony and Wireless Modem Design Services (PHY and MAC layers)
• Full Custom Modem Design Services
• Voice Processing
• Music Processing and Mixing
• Control Systems Design/Modeling
• Systems Modeling

Hardware Design (Analog and Digital)
• Contract Design and Consulting Services
• Analog and Digital System and Circuit Level Design
• RF Design
• Media Analysis/Modeling
• IC Development
• Control Systems
• Test Environment Development
• Verilog/HDL
• Circuit Modeling
• Networked Systems Configuration

Assembly and Manufacturing
• Board Layout, Stuffing* and Mechanical Packaging*
   *we sub-contract out these activities
• Small Run Assembly and Testing
• Turn-key Pricing and Delivery




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