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AISD, Inc. is a group of engineers and support staff providing technical consulting services to the hardware and software design sector in communications, audio, RF, and other DSP applications. Services include:

DSP Hardware, Firmware, and Software design

Media modeling and simulation tools – with GUI interfaces
RF Design

RF Modeling using Microwave Office
Digital Design using Verilog
Analog Signal Processing Design
Analog Electronics Design – board and IC level
Micro-Controller Firmware and Software Design
Algorithm Design
Reengineering Obsolete Systems
Product Design
Manufacturing Design – board and packaging
Component selection and engineering for low to high volume production
C models from Verilog (and vice-versa)
C, C++, VB, RTOS
Board Layout, Fabrication, Assembly, and other technician services

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-  TDK Semiconductor

-  ABB/Elster LLC

-  Novatek Inc./IntelliPipe

-  Mitsubishi Electronics

-  Motorola

-  Ubicom

-  Telemetry Technologies

-  Demand Irrigation Systems

-  California Scientific Software

-  Science Applications Intl. Corp.

-  KES, Inc.

-  Tactical Engineering and Analysis, Inc.

-  Dialog Semiconductor, Inc.

-  iWatt

-  Tahoe RF Semiconductor

-  SliceX

-  Cygnal Integrated Products

-  Integrated Media Measurement, Inc.

-  Michrom BioResources, Inc.

-  Aeroflex

-  Vtrac Systems

-  Tremaine Assoc./Argus Technologies

-  Cooper Power Systems

   and more...


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