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Hardware Design (Analog and Digital)
AISD, Inc. will provide contract design services in analog and digital design. We have engineers experienced in many fields of experience with analog and digital design.

Key Benefits
Hardware designs completed without use of your in-house staff Designs completed on time by agreed upon schedules Quality work fully verified and tested.

AISD has experienced engineers available to complete all phases of the design and development cycle. Our lab facilities are fully outfitted for high speed analog, digital, and RF circuit testing.

Project Planning
AISD will work together with you to develop a project proposal or statement of work. The purpose of this phase of development is to insure that we know what it is you need. We will produce a written statement of work for you approval.  When we have done so and received your approval, we will then bid a schedule and cost for the job. Since this phase can sometimes take a considerable effort on the part of both parties, we work on a time and materials cost basis for this phase of the work.

Detailed Design
After you have received our quote and commissioned us to do the work, we begin the development task. Progress reports and design reviews are scheduled as part of the quote so you are kept aware of the progress as it continues. This keeps you in the design loop and helps us make sure that we are developing the product that you need. If you are not successful, we will not be either.

Test and Verification
AISD will either fully test and validate the design, or allow this to be done in your facility. This is the case many times where our product is a component of your product. We will work together with you at your facility as necessary to carry the product to the goal. We do not believe in throwing projects "over walls", but rather we run with you until you tell us that you have what you need. Project developments are goal/milestone oriented.

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LASER Pointing Control System
Under contract with a major medical services group, AISD, Inc. developed a servo control system prototype that was used in the development of Automatic LASER positioning systems used for eye surgery. AISD, Inc. developed a combined model for the mechanical and electrical control system, and designed a stable control loop for the system.

RF Network (RFN) - RF Propagation Simulator
Under government sub-contract, AISD, Inc. is developing an RF propagation simulator that allows the US Navy to test JTIDS terminals and navigation equipment in the lab simulating distance related attenuation and delay as would be experienced in a dynamic combat scenario. This project also included development of a Windows GUI to interact with the RFN and with a script controller over the network. We are currently developing a follow-on system to support JTRS radios (2MHz - 2GHz).

Custom Measurement While Drilling Communications Channel
Under contract with a national drilling pipe manufacturer, AISD, Inc. developed model to understand that clients specialized media, and then designed a digital modem to communicate over that media at 2 Mbits/sec. The modem was integrated into bi-directional repeater nodes that could collect data at points midway along the drill stem. We also developed a TDMA Full Duplex protocol (data link layer and application layer) that included a facility for time synchronous recording. We built a working prototypes for the final IC (approx 75k gates) using Xilinx FPGA's and discrete analog circuits with ADC's, DAC's, carrier detect and AGC.

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