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DSP Firmware/Software Development
AISD, Inc. provides consulting services to develop DSP firmware for audio processing, telephony and wireless modem designs and other DSP related tasks, such as frequency synthesis, control and regulation systems, recognition systems, and so forth.

Key Benefits
Allows your company to develop DSP product without a staff of DSP developers. Quality design and verification by staff of highly qualified personnel with both hardware and software background. On time delivery with specified schedule and cost predictions ahead of project commencement.

AISD can plan and specify the product providing documentation for the design implementation. Then the implementation will be done based on the schedule provided in the plan. Finally, the product testing is completed. We do not throw designs over the wall. We are with you until you have a successful product.

Planning  and Specification
AISD can be contracted to perform a study and planning phase for a product development. Generally this is necessary so that the development work to be completed can be agreed upon with the customer to their satisfaction. Design Implementation Development During this phase of the development, AISD will provide the detailed implementation of the design.

Cooperative Design Partnerships
AISD can be contracted as a design partner in your system development. In some cases where the client knows of the need, but does not have the staff to develop it into a product, we can form a design partnership. This can have the impact of reducing your up front development costs for a new product, in exchange for a sharing arrangement in the success of the product after it goes into production. In situations like this, we will do a market analysis together with the client to develop an agreement regarding the future value of the product. We welcome serious opportunities of this nature.

Test and Verification
Most of the time, there is a hardware environment on which the firmware development must be verified. This can be a standard environment of a customer specific one. Our task at this point is the hardware/firmware integration. Generally we work closely with the customer during this phase to complete the product.

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Single Chip 2400 baud modem firmware
AISD, Inc. worked together with a major silicon vendor to produce the cheapest single chip 2400 baud modem. AISD, Inc. assisted in the development of the DSP architecture used in the IC, and we also developed the data pump firmware that does the modem math in code within the processor. AISD, Inc. worked together with this customer through testing and certification. This IC is one of our clients highest selling products.

Jitter Attenuator
Under contract with major semiconductor vendor, AISD, Inc. developed a Jitter Attenuator IC for use on T1 and other high speed com links. We developed a model for the part, and then prototyped the digital section of the part in an FPGA. The client added their analog front end and produced a DSP based jitter attenuator product that ius produced in high volume.

RF Network (RFN) - RF Propagation Simulator
Under government sub-contract, AISD, Inc. is developing an RF propagation simulator that allows the US Navy to test JTIDS terminals and navigation equipment in the lab simulating distance related attenuation and delay as would be experienced in a dynamic combat scenario. This project also included development of a Windows GUI to interact with the RFN and with a script controller over the network. This test equipment is in use in the US Navy SPAWAR System Integration Facility (SIF) in San Diego, California. We are currently developing a follow-on system to support JTRS radios (2MHz - 2GHz).

Digital Power Supply Controller
AISD, Inc. has worked together with a major developer of power supply controller ICs in the development of small digital PWM controller ICs used in cell phone chargers, laptop power supply assemblies, and so forth. Working with the client, AISD developed the DSP code firmware/hardware in these IC's. We also participated in the development of the control algorithms used in those chips, as well as the IC implementation. These ICs are sold in high volumes, and lead the industry in terms of efficiency, small size, and total cost of ownership.

Custom Measurement While Drilling Communications Modem
Under contract with a national drilling pipe manufacturer, AISD, Inc. developed a mathmatical model for the client's specialized media (modified drill pipe), and then designed a modem to communicate over that media at up to 2 Mbits/sec. We implemented a cycle-accurate C model with channel simulator to verify operation and BER in the presence of noise and other impairments, then converted it to synthesizeable Verilog. AISD, Inc. developed the TDMA Full Duplex protocol for the system that included the facility for time synchronous recording. We developed several working prototypes for the final IC (approx 75k gates) using a Xilinx FPGA and discrete analog circuits (VGA, carrier detect, TX/RX switch) with ADC's and DAC's. AISD, Inc. also developed the board level products for the first and second level prototypes for this system, as well as GUI data collection and processing software. These boards were used downhole in test wells, collecting accelerometer and temperature data.

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