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Assembly and Manufacturing
AISD, Inc. will manufacture or sub-contract out the manufacture of your product that we have designed. This is a limited service we provide to customers using our own designs for small manufacturing runs on board level and sub-assembly level designs.

Key Benefits
Offload your in-house resources for small manufacturing runs. You receive manufacturing plans, drawings and specifications for your own continued use. Low overhead for small manufacturing runs.

AISD has staff that are familiar with board level and sub-assembly level manufacturing. This is not the primary focus of our business, but where the capability is needed for short runs involving our own designs, we will provide the following services.

Board Design and Layout
We will perform circuit design and layout using industry standard tools where we can pass the data base files to you for continued manufacturing in large quantities.  We do the design in house and sub-contract out the layout services using a number of services in the area that we are familiar with.

Board Stuffing and Soldering
Depending upon the nature of the work (thru hole, surface mount, BGA's, etc.), we will either stuff boards or sub-contract out the work.

Product Testing
For boards and sub-assemblies built under our management, we will perform product testing according to your testing specifications or we will develop test plans for your approval

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